Annual Conference 2015 of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology

VAAM-Jahrestagung 2015 | 01.–04.03.2015 – Marburg (DE)

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Welcome Note

Programme VAAM 2015 (BIOspektrum)
Informationen zur Mikrobe des Jahres 2015

Dear members of the VAAM and of the Microbial Community,

On behalf of my colleagues from the Philipps-University Marburg, the Max-Planck Institute for terrestrial Microbiology, the LOEWE Center for Synthetic Microbiology and the DFG-financed SFB-987, I would like to cordially invite you to attend the Annual Meeting of the VAAM in 2015.  The meeting will take place in Marburg from 01 - 04. March 2015.

The topics for the main symposia will be

  • Microbial Evolution
  • Symbiosis
  • Bacterial Cell Biology
  • CRISPR Systems and Phages
  • Synthetic Microbiology    

We have managed to secure a panel of nationally and internationally well-recognized speakers, both from Germany and abroad, that will present and discuss the latest developments in the above-mentioned fields. In addition, a broad range of topics in general Microbiology will be covered in 24 symposia that will, in particular, give students and young scientists the opportunity to present the central findings of their studies. The VAAM Meeting will be enriched by mini-symposia organized by the “Study Groups” (Fachgruppen).

We are honored to announce that the Hans-Günter Schlegel Lecture of the VAAM will be given by Prof. Dr. Bärbel Friedrich (Berlin).

Marburg is one of the oldest university towns in Germany. History, culture, science and the unique ambience of a vibrant city contribute to the special attractiveness of Marburg. Allow yourself to be enchanted by its charm and spirit!

© Frank Eidel

2015 is a special year for the VAAM since our society will be 30 years old. This is a time for reflection, but also to look in a different way at our beloved bacteria, fungi and phages. The Comedian Vince Ebert will present a refreshing outside-look into the fascinating world of microorganisms.

The organizing committee for the VAAM Annual Meeting will do its best to be friendly and good hosts. We are all looking forward to welcoming you in Marburg in March 2015 for four days of exiting science, meeting old colleagues and friends, making new acquaintances, and – of course – also for some fun!

For the Microbial Community in Marburg,

Erhard Bremer
Conference Chair

Prof. Dr. Erhard Bremer